This January we want you to join us in becoming Zen Warriors. 

Simply swap your daily coffee for a matcha latte, straight up matcha tea, matcha smoothie, in fact any matcha drink you fancy. You will still get a caffeine fix (matcha has about the same caffeine as a shot of espresso) but unlike coffee, matcha caffeine is slow releasing.

Say goodbye to those mid morning caffeine slumps and HELLO world!

Us Taiki Sisters know that January is a tough month, everyone giving you advice on what to do and how to get healthier.  We're not going to lie, we hit the gym again last week after the Christmas food fest, and as I sit here typing I do so with T-Rex arms from an early morning Body Pump session. However, I also sit here in my Zen and alert smugness, because when I returned from the gym, I had a delicious Taiki Tea matcha latte (almond milk preferred in case you were wondering). 

So, join us, grab a cup, and obviously some Taiki Tea matcha and become a Zen warrior, your mid-morning and afternoon self will love you for it. Tell your friends, neighbours and work colleagues, shout it from the rooftops because you will have the energy too.

If you are still not sure of the matcha hype take a read of Coffee V's Matcha from our friend Libby Limon who wrote all about how the benefits of Taiki Tea matcha outweight coffee. 

Don't forget to send us your #MakeMineAMatcha pics on social, lets inspire each other to become Zen Warriors.

Melissa x