Taiki Tea is a health and lifestyle driven organic matcha tea company, based in East London. 

Our mission is to provide a genuine alternative to coffee by offering consumers a similar experience and ritual that is part and parcel of the coffee culture; disrupting and converting long term coffee lovers to a healthier more ethical organic product in the form of matcha green tea.

Taiki means “great vitality” in Japanese. The name reflects the qualities of our premium organic matcha which provides energy and clarity of thought without the same side effects as coffee.

At Taiki Tea we're creating a fusion of "East meets East End", taking the traditional ceremonial elements of matcha tea and adding more than a smidge of East London's distinctive vibe and energy. We're working with new and emerging talented ceramicists on our matcha bowls to ensure that they equal the quality of our tea whilst also bringing the tea ceremony bang up to date. 

Wishing you "great vitality" and good vibes!

Taiki Tea 


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