Taiki means "great vitality" in Japanese and is what you can expect from our organic matcha tea. 

We're not blazing a trail here at Taiki Tea, matcha has been around for centuries and recognised for its health benefits. Our mission is simply to share the love and bring matcha to a wider audience.

Like all green teas, matcha is supercharged with an abundance of healthy nutrients, the key difference being that as a powder it dissolves in water so that you ingest all of its awesomeness. 

Two of the key nutrients are L-theanine (an amino acid) and catechins (which are antioxidants), these have immune boosting properties and are linked to fighting cancer, viruses and heart disease - think of them as a good version of Kryptonite!

Matcha also contains caffeine (around 20 - 30 mg per gram) however, the key difference between the caffeine in matcha as opposed to coffee (which typically contains around 80 - 100 mg per gram) is that it combines with L-theanine and means that rather than an energy spike you get a sustained super boost which increases focus whilst also making you feel calm. It's matchatastic!

For more about matcha and nutrition read the health and well-being blog by resident nutritionist, Libby Limon.