Organic Houjicha Loose Leaf Tea
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Using only the highest grade organic sencha tea leaves (the first harvest), Taiki Tea Houjicha is a beautiful roasted chestnut brown colour and smooth and mellow taste. Our houjicha leaves are delicately pan roasted over a high heat to maximise the essential flavour of the tea. This process of roasting also means the tea is naturally low in caffeine, whilst still containing the all-important catechins, vitamin C and vitamin E. Because of the low caffeine content, houjicha makes the perfect evening drink. 

It is said that to get the best houjicha tea you need the best location to grow it and our Houjicha comes from the stunning mountains in Kyoto region of Uji, Japan. 

100g will easily provide 30 servings

Brewing information

200ml of 90 degrees water

3g of Taiki Tea Houjicha (about 1 teaspoon)

15 - 30 seconds brewing time

Taiki Tea Houjicha is suitable for a further re-steeping