Matcha, cucumber and mint lemonade

Matcha, cucumber and mint lemonade

Summer is finally in full swing and what better way to soak up some rays than with a refreshing matcha lemonade. This delicious drink is more of a cross between lemonade and healthy pimms. Quite possibly our quickest recipe to date with no juicing or sieving necessary.  


Lemon, half sliced, half for juice

3-4 ribbons of cucumber

a spring of mint

tonic water


1 level teaspoon premium matcha


Add the matcha to a large glass and mix with a little water to make a paste.

Add a squeeze of lemon, a lemon slice, cucumber ribbons and 3-4 mint leaves and ice to the glass. 

Top with tonic water and stir. 

Decorate with more lemon on the rim of the glass and the rest of the sprig of mint. 

Relax and drink way.